4 Things To Do On A Last Minute Tour Of Maremma

June 6, 2015 Italy

The beautiful area of Maremma around Tuscany in Italy is one place you would love to visit over and over again. Stretching along the mesmerising geography that lies between Lazio and Tuscany, this place is an invitation to all individuals who wish to embark on an excitingly long journey through the laps of nature. A tour of Maremma is usually a slow one which serves to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the surroundings, making it an ideal stretch for hiking and taking a regenerating break away from the stress and tension of city life.

However, consider you are on a last minute Maremma, Tuscany. What are the sights that you must see and things that you should not shy away from doing on such a frantic tour itinerary. Here is our lowdown in the event that such a situation takes place.

Explore the Maremma Natural Park: For those who are fond of adventure and have a penchant for discovering unspoiled places, the Maremma Natural Park is a must-visit destination. Situated in the Grosseto province, this is a protected area where animals get to live in total freedom. Moreover, a thick Mediterranean scrub creates a scenario akin to an artistic impression in a natural painting. Entry is possible on the purchase of a ticket while tourists can choose to go on either a guided or individual tour depending on their preferences.

Take a dive into the Argentario blue: Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Argentario promontory is one of the most beautiful sights to behold in Tuscany. The best thing to do during a holiday season in this area would be to take a refreshing break at the beach amidst some breathtaking landscapes. While it was originally an island, this promontory later became part of the mainland. Majestic cliffs, vegetation stretching out into the sea, and small golden sandy beaches are some of the inviting sights to behold. Do you need a further motivation to dive into the clear waters abounding the Tyrrhenian Sea? If you are someone who loves a destination with a seemingly limitless stretch of hills and seas, Maremma definitely makes for a rare jewel.

Etruscan Archaeological Sites are a place worth discovering: The Etruscans were fond of living in cities that lay close to the sea. However, they were no strangers to cities that stood on high shelves as the remains of Vetulonia and Roselle in the Maremma hinterland will vouch. The archaeological site of Roselle stands witness to numerous big walls and a Roman amphitheater while the adjoining pavements still bear the marks of chariot wheels. Vetulonia, on the other hand, is popular for its monumental tombs and necropolis. The Tomb Of Pietrera is a name that immediately comes to mind as this was the place where most ancient Etruscan finds were first discovered.

• Finally, the Terme di Saturnia gives you an opportunity to relax: It is no hidden fact that the thermal waters of Saturnia possess some extraordinary properties- this has been well documented since the Etruscan age. Thus it is little surprise to find numerous individuals heading for its shores in search of a comforting, rejuvenating holiday. The Terme di Saturnia is a place recommended for the perfect stopover while touring Maremma as it makes for the perfect relaxing experience amidst a luxurious location.

Coming to the matter of accommodation in this Tuscany area, it is best to stay in a place that would enable you to reach out to all of these places within a minute’s notice. The Saturnia Tuscany Hotel is one such recommended facility offering a view spread out over the greens of Maremma.

Avoid the last minute rush and book yourself in early into one of the luxury villas and hotel rooms in Tuscany and enjoy a relaxing holiday in the picturesque, natural setting of Maremma.

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