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November 13, 2018 Japan

Are you planning to take a trip to Japan? Well, you should know that Japan is one of the peaceful states with numerous things to do and discover. Its ancient traditions, friendly residents, delicious food and multi-layered culture definitely make it a favorite to many travelers in the world. In a country with awe-inspiring landscape such as Japan, there are just so many sights to see and explore. Nevertheless, here are top things to do while in the culturally rich state.

1. Visit Ancient Sites of Kyoto

Your trip to Japan isn’t complete without visiting the former magnificent capital. Kyoto is home to temples, shrines as well as geisha houses. Many travelers, especially from western states, love to take a trip to time-honored towns like Kyoto. Kyoto has incredible traditional kaiseki meals that you can enjoy while staying in the old ryokans.

The city has new sides that entrepreneurs are transforming old geisha houses and tea houses to new lives. For instance, inside an old geisha house, there’s a sleek café and bar called Niti that greatly combines modern touches with Japanese ancient design.

Kyoto has around 17 World Heritage tourist sites that you’re yet to discover with some numerous shrines and temples scattered across the city. Kyoto boasts of the inspiring landscape like the hidden dry landscape in Ryoanji.

2. Explore Tokyo

Majority of flights set down in Tokyo. You will be amazed at just how big the city is beyond belief. The city has the ability to fulfill your every desire. From ancient sumo wrestling to robot cafes and enjoying Michelin-starred Sushi.

You can also head to the old east side where there’s the Buddhist temple in Asakusa called Sensoji. Take a walk in any direction and you’ll soon see a part of the city that functions as a premier entertainment district of the capital. There you will see the small Hanayashiki Amusement Park that has a roller coaster that was the first of the kind in the country.

3. Visit Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park and Museum

The Peace Memorial Park and Museum are emotional and moving shrines devoted to people who met their death through the atomic bombing on August 6th, 1945. Park’s A-Bomb Dome disfigured frame acts as a reminder of the horrors of nuclear missiles. This’s one of the remaining few Hiroshima buildings that survived the attack of nuclear weapons.

You’ll discover that the Park also features the Children’s Peace Monument dedicated to the memory of one of the numerous children who died as a result of leukemia. The Monument is decorated in origami cranes of hope that sends a message of hope from kids in Japan.

4. Go to a Hot spring

Japan has thousands of natural Onsens (Japanese name for Hot spring). Therefore, on your things to do list, visiting an old Hot spring should be there. While in Japan you should visit Beppu for a traditional Onsen. Beppu city is famous for its numerous hot springs. Just a few of the hot springs are too hot to bath in.

Nevertheless, you ought to know that the majority of Onsen are more like bathhouses. They’re rather part of Japanese culture. There’s a remarkable hot spring resort you’ll discover like Takaragawa –Onsen where beautiful Onsens are situated along a wild mountain river.

5. Take a Tour to Miyajima

Once in Japan, taking a tour to Miyajima is probably one of the exciting things to do in the country. Miyajima is a tiny island situated in the Inland Sea of Japanese and houses the well-known Japan shrine. You can meet with a tamed deer taking a strolling freely in the small national park. The island has a large aquarium worth seeing. The setting is just brilliant for any tourist to catch a glimpse of.

Traveling tips

For a first-timer, there’re a few tips that you should know before you travel to Japan. Here are tips that will make your trip to Japan a smooth one.

• Take international run flight: Since the trip to Japan is a long one, you ought to board an international flight that offers you entertainment all the way to your destination.
• Purchase Japan Rail Pass: Since you’re going to travel to several towns in Japan, get a JR Pass that’s only acquired outside the country. The JR pass allows foreigners to board any Japan Rail.
• Exchange to local currency: There’re less money exchange services in Japan. If you come across one, then it’s going to charge you a lot more. It’s better to exchange into Japan currency before traveling to avoid some inconveniences in your visit.
• Learn Japanese culture: Japan culture is unique and difficult to understand for some visitors. Learning their culture will enable you to enjoy some cultural activities that are exclusively practiced in Japan only.

Every season in Japan has its own festival. Since every season has a different weather condition, it’s good to travel to the country in different seasons. Book your flight and you won’t regret it!

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