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Ahh…the big apple. Even though I have only been to that enchanting place on only a few occasions, it still stands tall and resonate in my mind. For me, it’s one of those feelings you can’t even really throw words together to try and explain but it’s just this vibe that is created by the awareness of it’s immense history, the influential lives that walked the streets, lived and died there. The smells, the chaos, the Yankees, John Lennon and of course the tragedy that was 9/11.

Things to do and see in New York City are relatively endless, it all depends on your priorities and your interest. Out of my experiences in that great city, the one thing that stands out the most to me and the one I feel most compelled to talk about is my visit to the one and only, Times Square. Traveling to and making your way through Times square is nothing short of insane but if I told you that I didn’t enjoy myself, it would be indeed far out.

A day in the life of Times Square

It is said that Times Square is perhaps the most famous square and the most visited tourist attraction in the whole world, I buy that. It is also estimated that Times Square receives over 39 million tourist visits a year. There really isn’t another place on this earth that provides the perfect mixture of culture, modern life, technology, history and just plain excitement. Just a simple stroll down that bustling street reveals an affluence of sights and sounds. Between the trendy bistros, outdoor vendors, food markets, the breathtaking architecture and the contrast and polar diversity of the people that inhabit it, there really isn’t anything like it.

Shall we take in a show?

Having the chance to be simply even be standing on Broadway was a cerebral experience all in it’s self but to take in and experience an actual real Broadway show, is out of this world. So many historic theaters at what seems like every turn and the vibe of knowing you are in the heartbeat of entertainment, it’s the real deal. Shows like The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Billy Elliot and Spider-man are there daily to experience. Certainly one of the most popular theaters on Broadway is The Palace Theater. Opening in 1913, The Palace Theater grew a cult status among vaudevillian performers during it’s heyday. The tickets for this theater are the most desired, not just in New York but the entire country. The Ambassador is another famous theatrical landmark, the structure is beyond impressive with it’s diagonal frame on the available land it was given. This was because of the need to gain greater space to accommodate a maximum amount of attendees per show. This really amazing piece of history and architecture was built in 1921.

Oh and the restaurants…

Even if you are only remotely a foodie, there is so much deliciousness to fall in love with. Between celebrity chefs, classic eats and just plain great grub, Times Square offers more than you could ever dream of. Known as New York’s most diverse selection of cuisine, there is more than 250 restaurants stretched out around the blocks of Duffy Square and 42nd St. World famous pizza, delicatessens and well, everything line the streets. A really cool place to eat and hangout is Ellen’s Stardust Diner NYC. The food is absolutely amazing and there is a nightly variety show that you can share a few laughs while you dine on that amazing food. The food is standard diner food but done in such a way that it teeters on gourmet, fantastic. Never forget the granddaddy of them all, Hard Rock Café. World famous for it rock-themed décor, it is a really entertaining environment and a keepsake for the memory banks.

And the list goes on…

I could literally create a novels length of material when discussing Times Square because it is so vast and everything about it is noteworthy. Having to keep it down to an articles length isn’t easy but to keep it simple, let me say, this is an experience to be had like none other. I maybe just a hick from Seattle but even the most road hard travelers can find some kind of inspiration and awe in it’s culture shock beauty of a time. There is so much to experience and be a part of. If you ever find your way to New York, take my advice and make it a priority to visit Times Square.

There’s no place like Times Square

Ahh...the big apple. Even though I have only been to that enchanting place on only a few occasions, it still stands tall and resonate in my mind. For me, it's one of those feelings you can't even really throw words together to try and explain but it'

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