Colorado Stunning Beauty

May 29, 2014 USA

Colorado is arguably one of USA most beautiful State thanks to its stunning mountains, wildfire and the famed hot springs. This State continues to attract both domestic and international tourists in their thousands every year. Here are some of the features that make this state stand out.

Hot Springs

Colorado has an abundance of natural phenomena’s like the hot springs. The hot springs, that are year round, will offer you that much needed relaxation, soothe your muscles as you marvel at the beauty around you. Any tourist visiting the US must make a point of visiting and experiencing the natural hot springs of Colorado. The hot springs that are found in Colorado include the Dunton Hot Springs, Pagosa Springs Resort and Spa. These springs are tucked near stylish cabins and magnificent hotel suites.

Some of the hot springs have families in mind incorporating diving boards and slides. At Glenwood Hot Springs diving pool, families have an opportunity to practice with instructors keeping a close eye on them. A mini-golf course and kiddie pool are available to break the monotony. These Hot Springs afford the whole family a vacation of a lifetime.

Apart from the superb views, the hot springs in Colorado have all the amenities like spa, family attractions and lodgings to make your vacation memorable.

Colorado Skiing

If you are a skiing enthusiasts and you are looking for a perfect State for a winter vacation then Colorado is the place to be. Colorado has the best snowboarding and skiing resorts in America attracting thousands of tourists every year. This is one place where you will plenty of snow and space that will allow you to further hone your skills in skiing. The ski resorts make planning a ski trip a walk in the park with their packages that include lodging and lift ticket.

Colorado boasts of 11 national parks and monuments that are a must see for any visitor to the great city. Visiting the Colorado parks for any tourist should form part of their travel itinerary. The national parks are diverse and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Some of the parks like the ever green 14,000 feet high Rocky Mountain National Park is that are rich in wildlife, mountain lakes and streams.

Mesa Verde National Park is another destination that should not miss in your travel itinerary. It is this park that you will find the Ancestral Puebloan dwellings. These unique dwellings have been well studied and preserved for over 100 years and continue to elicit interest. To be able to see the uniquely constructed homes you have to crane your necks skywards. To access these dwellings you have to use ladders. The park rangers are at hand to glimpse of Ancestral Puebloans daily lives.
The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve has the tallest dune towers that stand at 750 feet high in the USA. The park is famous for hiking and off road four wheel driving. Skiers, snowboard and sleds lovers find this park an ideal make use of this all season dunes to enjoy their favorite sport.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is another park worth visiting. It is famed for it’s outstanding recreational facilities and amazing scenery.

Family Vacation

Colorado is the foremost tourist State in the USA. Children who are 10 years and below have tailor made itineraries that will make their vacations memorable. Apart from the hot springs pools, wildlife and tubing hills Colorado has children’s zoos and museums. Some of the places worth taking your children are the Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park. The park has roller coaster rides and slippery water slides and rides designed for children. Children have an opportunity to visit the 80 acre zoo in Denver. The Denver Zoo is home to 3,500 animals. The crowd pullers are the big cats and Monkey Islands exhibits. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will definitely interest the children who are on vacation in Colorado. The Zoo is home to the mountain lions, the endangered Amur Tigers. The park has over 800 animals. Another Park that should form part of your family travel itinerary is the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park in Pagosa Springs. Here you will find animals that are native to Colorado like the coyotes, mountain lions, elk, black bears and bobcats.

Colorado is one US State worth visiting to sample the different tourist attractions on offer. From the hot springs to skiing and a host of other activities make it an ideal country for a vacation whether with family or by yourself.

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