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October 21, 2018 New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of long and white cloud. It is a remote jewel within the southwest Pacific. The country is inhibited by the colonial British and the local Maori, side by side. You can find traces of the nation’s proud history everywhere you go.

You will truly be awestruck by the continuous snow capped mountains, beauty of the continuous landscape, the rolling Meadows, falling fjords and the outstanding wild beaches.

Geography And Cities Of Interest

The country mainly consists of two islands. In the North Island you can look forward to the clear waters of the Bay of Islands and the geothermal wonders of Rotorua. You would also get to experience the rich and vivid culture of Maori while spending your time in the northern part of the country.

This Island also consists of two of the main cities of New Zealand – Wellington and Auckland. Wellington, being the nation’s capital, has numerous beautiful museums that remind the people of their cultural heritage, art and rich history.

In the South Island, you can find the best of retreats in the world. Christchurch has various cultural practices that resemble the English. If you are the outgoing kind, Queenstown is the appropriate city for you. Here you would have the opportunity to engage in lots of activities such as bungee jumping, sky diving, and canyon swinging.

The Local Community

The inhabitants here, popularly known as Kiwis, are extremely laid back, generous and friendly. The native population is known as the Maoris. Nowadays, people of different ethnicities have since made New Zealand their home. There is a remarkable influx of the Asian population here.

Even better, there are plenty of things to do in New Zealand. However, there are certain things that you just cannot miss.

Let us look at the top 3 things to do in New Zealand.

1. Hiking on Glaciers

Franz Josef and Fox Glacier are two of the fastest moving glaciers on the planet, found at the west coast of the South Island in New Zealand. The opportunity for hiking on these renowned and beautiful glaciers does not arrive too often in someone’s life. The helicopter flight over the glacier valley is an outstanding experience. This is a secondary alternative that you can take to get a top down view of the ice and the glaciers. If you have an experienced guide by your side, you can also try exploring the narrow crevasses and the Ice Caves.

Even better, you can try hiking on the Tasman Glacier. It is the longest glacier in New Zealand located in Aoraki Mt-Cook National Park. The view of the ice sheets is absolutely stunning while hiking over the glaciers. While you are at it, you will also notice the formation of glacial lakes due to the presence of glaciers. One of such lakes is Mapourika formed by the Glacier Franz-Josef. The reflections in this Lake are extremely surreal. You can try kayaking on these lakes to get a different view of the glaciers from the waters.

2. Visiting a Geothermal Wonderland

The North Island of New Zealand is particularly known for its geothermal activities. There are outstanding geothermal parks between Rotorua and Taupo. Within these geothermal parks, you would find hot pools comprising of variety of colors as well as bubbling mud and geysers. There are hot springs spread across the entire expanse of New Zealand.

Their density becomes highest between Taupo and Rotorua. Along with the bubbling mud and hot springs, there are also geysers, silicon terraces, sulfuric pools etc. These are points of interest, especially for geography students but anyone is welcome to come check them out.

3. Experience The Maori Culture

Maoris are the original inhabitants of New Zealand. They first settled even long before the arrival of the first Europeans and their culture is absolutely fascinating. There are numerous ways of learning and experiencing the Maori culture in New Zealand.

The Maori culture mostly exists in the North Island. You can visit Rotorua to get a chance to intermingle with the Maoris. The Bay of Islands and Auckland are other places that boast lots of Maori activity.

Now that we have discussed some of the top things to do in New Zealand, let us take a look at the top three places to visit.

1. Fiordland National-Park

Some of the most spectacular scenic beauty of the country is preserved within the Fiordland National Park. It is a site of World Heritage. Here, you can cruise on some of the most spectacular fjords in the country.

The park also houses some of the most beautiful glaciers that you’ll ever see. Milford Sound is widely regarded as the top attraction in Fiordland. During a trip through the fjord, you will come across a wide variety of wildlife including penguins and dolphins. Beautiful rocks and waterfalls can also be seen during the cruise.

2. Tongariro National Park

This is a Dual World-Heritage site located in the centre of north Island. The beautiful Lake Taupo is only a few kilometers away. The park is home to the Maori culture. Also, evidence of tremendous volcanic activity in the past is widespread throughout the park, in the form of volcanic rocks and rich volcanic soils that nourishes the present vegetation.

Overall, these features add to the exotic scenic beauty of the park. This should indeed be a must visit place on your list.

3. Queenstown

Located in the South Island of New Zealand, Queenstown is the hub of thrill and adventure. The Southern Alps surround the spot. A deep blue lake known as Wakatipu is also located at the spot. You can set off hiking in the Alps or cruise in the blue waters of the lake. Cycling around the lake is also another option.

The nightlife is just as good, as there is no shortage of quality restaurants and bars. Priding itself of a community of different ethnicities, languages and people from varied heritages, Queensland can easily be termed the multicultural Utopia of New Zealand.

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