Discovering the Grand Canyon

November 5, 2012 USA

I love travelling and exploring sites that nature has to offer. Whenever I have to travel, I get a feeling of mixed emotions that are just unexplainable, only a nature fanatic or a person who loves to travel like me can explain this feeling of happiness, joy and … I am lost for words.
What better place is there to visit than one of the Natural Seven Wonders of the World; The Grand Canyon. It is a steep sided gorge carved by a river and it is found in the United States at the state of Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a place to be visited by people who do not mind walking for hours on end, although if you like you can hire a helicopter and have an amazing view of this magnificent creation. This canyon is maintained by the Grand Canyon National Park and two tribal nations.

The Grand Canyon provides an opportunity to get away from the boring routine of life and experience nature’s creation at its best. It is a chance to get a different experience from the usual lush green vegetation always observed in many travel destinations. In this area there are diverse plant species but the plant population is minimal due to the fact that the Canyon is composed of layers and layers of rock. But that does not mean that there will be nothing worthwhile to do! Activities at the Grand Canyon include; hiking, cycling in the Grand Canyon National Park, camping, water rafting at the Colorado River, Bird watching and Helicopter riding.
Getting to the Canyon is easy with the availability of trails such as the South Kaibab trail where the trailhead is the best place to watch the sun set; and the Bright Angel Trail which offers stunning sites. Speaking of sites, there are others to see such as;Geological sites – comprising of the Yaki point which overlooks the Canyon, it has a flat top and it offers the best place to see the inner rock formations of the Canyon. Historic sites such as the Kolb studio built in 1904 by the Kolb brothers and the Grand Canyon lodge built in 1937.Scenic Drives such as the Hermit Road drive which is a road that was originally built in 1912; it is the perfect road for cyclists to enjoy their passion with amazing scenery around them. There are also the desert view drive and the Highway 67 drive.Monuments and Museums such as the Powell monument and the Tusayan Ruin and Museum.

There are also information centers which can come in handy, planetariums, viewpoints, trails and many more sites. The Grand Canyon also offers an opportunity to explore the variety of wild animals; bird watchers can get to see 48 different bird species usually found along the river banks. There are also 47 species of reptiles inclusive of two large lizards namely the Chuckwallas and the Gila monster which goes up to 2 feet long and it is slow and venomous. It however feeds on small mammals, lizards and insects. It represents very little threat to humans. There are also amphibians, insects and mammals. Camping can be at the North or South Rim of the National Park but those who prefer Hotels will also find them in plenty.

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