East Africa: Spectacular Tourists destinations

June 14, 2014 Kenya,Tanzania

Every year millions of tourists from all over the world troop to Africa for safari. East Africa is home to the big five and sandy beaches thatremain a magnet to tourists. We take a look at places you should visit while planning your vacation in East Africa.

Crater Lodge

Ngorongo Crater

Ngorongo Crater also referred to as “Africa’s Eden” (for its beauty) or the 8th Natural wonder of the World is located in Northern Tanzania within the Ngorongo Conservation area. The Crater Lodge is situated on an altitude of 2,375 giving guests a true taste of Africa Eden from a panoramic viewpoint lodge a tourist magnet.
nt. The evenings are cool with temperatures as low as 10’ c especially in the months of June and July. Ngorongo crater is the largest unbroken and unflooded calderas in the world making the Cr
Guests are engaged in a number of activities that make their stay at the Crater Lodge trumly meorable. Guided walking safaris around the crater rim and visiting a Maasai cultural village are just some of the activities guest are involved in. The maasai village allows guest to unwind by watching the maasai perform traditional dances. Other extras are a visit to Ndutu and Eyasi lakes and the magnificent Empakaai crater. Arrangements can be made for private bush breakfast and lunches while enjoying cool sundowners with unbeatable views.

The game drive is the highlight of your visit at the Crater Lodge. You will start your journey at the Ngorongo Crater Lodge which will take you approximately 20 minutes to get to the crater. You can make prior arrangements for breakfast to take with you to the crater. For lion lovers, an afternoon drive on a 4×4 is what you need to watch as they bask.
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is situated near an airstrip making it ideal for guest who aren’t into game drives but wish to fly from camp to camp. The Crater Lodge is located between Arusha, Serengeti plains, Lake Manyara and Tarangire, a perfect place where you can make a stopover at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge and sample what we have to offer.

Tanzania Tarangire


Located on the southern plain grassland of Maasailand on the northern safari circuit, Tanzania Tarangire is what you would call a year round park. Every season offers something uniquely different from the other. When it’s dry and dusty, animals are competing for a share on the dwindling river, while the rainy season presents a rebound of animal population and chirping of birds is fantastic. The animal population in Tanzania Tarangire is only rivalled to that of Ngorongoro Crater.

The Tarangire park offers refuge to migratory animals during the dry season on the grazing corridors that link Tarangire to other protected areas. Herds of elephants in their hundreds, zebras, elands, buffaloes and oryx can be seen trudging from the dry Maasai grassland to the inviting Tarangire River in search of water and pasture during the dry season.

Although the river dwindles, it is always sufficient for these animals that gather on the its bank to quench their thirst. Predators have a field day on such occasion. Here snakes like the pythons have taken to climbing trees in wait of their prey.

During the months of November and February is when shoots start to sprout ushering the newborn zebras and wildebeests. The month of March is flourishing with wild flowers and an abundance of different species of butterflies. For bird watchers they can afford to see over 550 pieces of birds.

The largest buffalo and elephant herds are to be found in this pristine woodland to the north of Tarangire. In the center of the park is Seronera valley that offers a breathtaking year round game viewing of grazing giraffes, warthogs, reedbucks and pride of lions.

Lake Ndutu, in the south of the park, is rich with flamingoes and to the west, Grumeti River is abound with some incredible sized Nile crocodiles.

Tanzania Tarangire s so much to offer. The breathtaking panoramic view of the savannah grassland is unbeatable. The wild animals that abound in the park will make your visit unforgettable.

Lake Manyara Serena


Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge seats on a spectacular terracotta marbled escarpment ridge of the Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley where the Manyara Serena lies was formed millions of years ago through tectonic plate movements. Boosting an extensive valley floor, soda lakes and bordered with by a 600 meter high wall, which offers spectacular views from the top.

Although Manyara Serena 67 en-suite well positioned rooms are designed in such a way to give the Lodge an open and spacious feel. The spacious rooms, with an en suite shower, ceiling to floor windows, a balcony for a perfect view across the valley floor, come in twin and double beds depending on your preference. The designs of the rooms have heavily borrowed from the Maasai Boma concept of construction. The neatly thatched circular rooms have scarlet cloaks interior to give it a Maasai feel.

What makes the Manyara Serena one of the best hotel in the area is the panoramic view it has to offer. With a telescope mounted on the central point of the Lodge, the views are far reaching and clear rivalling the Ngorongoro Crater sun downer safari experience.

The manyara serena lodge offers high standards of service and their staff act professionally when handling guest. Meals from the restaurant are mouth watering. Apart from the spectacular views, the Lodge has numerous activities to keep guests satisfied. A couple of night at the Lake Manyara Serena is really worth it.

Accessibility to the park is relatively and you only require 20 minutes from the Lodge to get to the park.

Kenya luxury


This is a specially designed romantic itinerary for the budding lovers. Shaba Reserve is where you begin this enthralling and fun filled stay in Kenya. Overlooking a large natural spring, the Shaba Reserve is home to ostriches, zebras, giraffe, lions, leopards and herds of elephant. The game drive is truly refreshing. The Joy luxury tented camp in the Reserve is the right place to cool off in the afternoon sweltering heat.

Your stay in Kenya will be incomplete without visiting the Maasai Mara. The flight to Maasai Mara from Shaba Reserve airstrip is relatively short. On arrival, Cottar’s Camp will be beckoning. The elegant 1920’s designed camp that borders Serengeti is the perfect get away for lovers. The tranquility that pervades the camp is what you need on your first day as you acclimatize to the new environment.

Game drive is a must on your second day at the camp. You can view wildlife during the day or at night on the world famous Maasai Mara reserve. The Reserve has scenic locations where you can take lunch as you enjoy sundowners. If you not ‘into adventuring’, a swim on the pool or a relaxing massage isn’t a bad idea.

After watching wildlife with your lover, Lamu will be the ideal place to conclude your stay in Kenya. Once you arrive in Lamu from the Maasai Mara you will be transferred to Manda bay by a tour agent. Manda Bay Exotic beach in the Lamu archipelago is relaxing. Stretch your tired bones in the sun underneath the swaying palms trees.

On your last day in Kenya, you can take a walk on the sandy beach before you catch your flight to Nairobi. Once you arrive in Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport you will board your connecting flight back to your destination.

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