Languages Spoken in Puerto Rico

Spanish is the main language spoken in Puerto Rico follow by English. In Puerto Rico 90% of the population speak Spanish all the time unless they don’t have any other choice. Every school in Puerto Rico teach you both languages Spanish and English but they focus more on Spanish and teach you English as the second language. So feel free to plan a trip to Puerto Rico because once you get there if you need to communicate you wont have that problem since in San Juan and most of the areas close to the tourist areas the people that work there are bilingual and if you go to a place that is not a tourist place trust me even if they don’t talk back to you, if you talk to them slowly they will understand you and they will be able to help you with anything that you are looking for.
There are some privates Schools in Puerto Rico that they teach you English only but this is a small percentage of school compare with all the schools in Puerto Rico but some people have the choice to go to a school that only teach you in English.
Some Colleges in Puerto Rico teach you French too and some other languages as an extra credit for your degree. But even like that most of the small towns and cities still focus everything on the Spanish languages. The thing with the Puerto Ricans is that they are a little bit shy and even that they know the English Language the refuse to speak English unless they don’t have any more choice. I include myself on that group because I’m Puerto Rican also know as Boricua and I refused to speak English or practice unless I had to and now I been living in the states for 8 years and trust me if it wasn’t for the education in Puerto Rico that they teach you that include English since you start on first grade it would it be really hard for me to start college in the states without the knowledge that I had. The good thing is that even that boricuas speaks the Spanish language all the time when they go to the movie theaters the movies are in English with the subtitles in Spanish and also the movies when you buy them they are in English. Another thing that helps too with the English Language is that if you get cable TV in Puerto Rico most of the channels are in English.
I guess to finish talking about the languages spoken in Puerto Rico I want to say that don’t be afraid if you’re the only language that you know is English because you will find Puerto Ricans in the tourist area that will speak to you in English and like I said before in this article even if is in a small town they will understand you as long as you slow your speed a little bit when you talk to them. If you have any more questions about Puerto Rico or want more information, please visit Nuestro Puerto Rico for more information about other stuff other than the Languages Spoken in Puerto Rico.

April 8, 2014