Relaxing Visit to Goa

July 19, 2014 India

There is always the hype around visiting Goa and its beaches. It is one among the few Indian places which has been drastically westernized. People in Goa were very liberal and they received foreign tourists warmly. It was a Portuguese town in India two generations before. Goa is popular for the high amount of foreign tourists who visit the place every year. Water sports, beach parties, fun filled events and serene beaches has been the main attractions for western tourists. The lifestyle and eating habits of Goan people seemed to be influenced by western and Indian styles. Portuguese churches and Art Deco has been driving most of the culture tourists too. Now Goa is evolving into a casino city with rising number of casings and boat casinos. Additional places of interests had been boat rides, markets, wild life sanctuaries and bird parks.

A trip to Goa is never complete without visiting its beaches. I visited more than a dozen popular beaches in the north and south side of the Goa during my visit. South Goa’s beaches were more serene and lusher. North Goa’s beaches were most popular and was very crowded. Beaches of Goa provide an awesome time and it is cheaper to rent shacks. Sunbaths and ordering eatables from shacks are pretty common sight in the beaches. Benaulim and Colva are the famous beaches in South Goa. They are peaceful and relaxing, primarily serving as fishermen beaches. Calangute and Baga beaches in North Goa are quite popular and they were crowded during my visit. Calangute is the commercial beach of Goa where I could witness endless rows of sun lounges for foreign tourists to tan in the sun. Goan locals hit the beaches mostly on weekends.


Night life is at its best at Goa. There are lot of events and beach parties happening throughout the year. You would not want to miss the beach parties after spending for the whole travel to visit Goa. There were several pubs near Arjuna, Calangute and Baga beaches in North Goa. Closer to those beaches were the bargain markets too. I found some tattoo centers and bikini shops and most of them were cheap. Markets in North Goa accounts for thrift and cost effective shopping. Nightlife catches life during on seasons and on special occasions like Christmas and New year’s eve. Other sort of recreation in Goa comes in forms of theaters and learning centers. There is a handful of Portuguese churches and cathedrals in Old Goa, which worth a visit during your trip to Goa.

Water sports is another enjoyable recreational activity in beaches of Goa. Beaches like Colva had boat rides for spotting dolphins, Para sailing, banana rides and jet-skies were quite common in most of the beaches. Four to five water sports would costs around 20 USD during peak season. Boat rides were available on lakes and bird parks too. The rides were quite lengthy and they offered rides about an hour long. Crocodile spotting was also available with boat rides in bird parks. Ferry rides were free of cost, thought the purpose of ferry was for transportation alone. Boat casinos was popular on Mandovi river. Casino Royale was suggested by most of the locals and it was equally good as reviewed. Entrance fees to Casina Royale was not expensive but they allow only formal wears on their boat. Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages were provided in the boat casinos and top deck always had a party floor with non stop music.


Only comfortable means of transportation for tourists in Goa was taxis. You can also rent vehicles on daily or weekly basis. Since the beaches in Goa are close to each other, I recommend renting a bike or car. Ferries can carry both passengers and vehicles for free on places where you have to cross water bodies. Ferries are scheduled hourly and they require no ticket or charge. Since liquor is tax free, alcoholic beverages are lot cheaper in Goa. It is easier to get a lot of popular imported brands. Western food is gettable in Goa with many restaurants exclusively proving western food. Chicken Vindaloo is the popular local dish, which tastes delicious. Accommodations are available through hotels, hostels and rent-able shacks. Accommodations can be booked online and they usually charge twice than rate in peak season than rest of the year.

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