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Before submitting please take a look to Travel Web Dir submission guidelines in order to minimize the chance your site might be rejected. Thank you very much for your collaboration.

  • Only Travel related Sites will be included in the Directory
  • Your website should be aimed at tourists or travelers, or must provide other information that is useful for somebody planning a trip, holiday or vacation
  • Identify the most relevant category or subcategory for your website, please don’t submit to top level categories if your site doesn’t refer to them
  • Only one listing is allowed per website
  • The site must be in English or have an english version easily accesible from the homepage
  • The site must have a regular and correct URL, not an IP, but only a URL
  • The site must be submitted with a proper description in English. The description should use proper sentencing and punctuation. Do not capitalize the first letter of every word or use ALL CAPS. Description and titles are not to use promotional words such as ‘best’, ‘greatest’, ‘lowest’ etc.
  • Sites without description or title will be rejected
  • If you are unable to find an appropriate category for your website you can suggest a Category to Directory Editors
  • Do not submit sites with popup windows and other technologies that interfere with viewing the main content of the site
  • Do not submit mirror sites that have the same content, but different URLs
  • Do not submit sites that employ spam tactics for the purposes of deceiving the viewer about the actual site content and/or gaming the search engine rankings with techniques such as mirror sites, redirects, cloaking and java bombing
  • Do not submit sites that are under construction. Make sure that all images and links on your site work properly
  • Do not submit sites that redirect visitors to another site
  • Do not submit sites that consist mostly of affiliate links
  • Do not submit sites that were created only for displaying Adsense or similar advertiserments
  • Our editors reserve the right to refuse a submission for any reason without notice and they have the right to make any changes in the title, description or keywords of your site and to move it to another category or subcategory. Your site can be blocked or removed from our directory without a prior notification if it is found to violate the above criteria.