Top 10 Items To Buy In Singapore

April 8, 2014 Singapore

Have you arrived in Singapore and are craving to go do some shopping? Well help and guidance is here!
In Singapore, shopping is upheld as a national pastime. You will find a lot of shopping malls, coupled with nice discounts, low taxes and tariffs, as well as a huge variety of goods.
Most stores in Singapore stay open 7 days a week and operate from 10 am to 9 pm. If you’re planning to shop, keep in mind these opening times.
One nice event to look out for when you visit Singapore is definitely the Great Singapore Sale. What happens here you ask? Well, it is an event held during June and July of each year, where shopping centres go crazy with discounts to attract shoppers.
To help the avid shopper scouting Singapore for goods, I’ve come up with a list of ten items I think you can and should purchase from Singapore.
1. Antiques
Antiques are always a nice item to buy from SIngapore. Where can you find them? Where’s the best place to get good value? Well, if you go to the 2nd floor of the Tanglin Shopping Centre, or perhaps the shops along South Bridge Road in Chinatown, you will find some rare gems.
2. Books
Who isn’t looking for books? Many tourists come to Singapore and go away with tons of nice reading material. Definite good places to check out in clude Borders at Wheelock Place) and Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City. I love these two bookstores – my wife can’t tear me away from them sometimes.
3. Cameras
Right – the next item has got to be cameras. Whether you’re hunting for digital or analog cameras, one of the best places to get them would be Peninsula Plaza. It is situated near the City Hall MRT station.
4. Computers
If you’re a computer buff, you definitely want to check out Sim Lim Square, which is situated near Little India. This place stocks all manner of computer hardware and software. Another place for good computer stuff is Funan the IT Mall.
5. Electronics
Ok, next item – electronics. Electronics sales are very high in Singapre. You can find great bargains in Funan the IT Mall or Mustafa at Little India. I suggest you avoid those touristy places like Lucky Plaza or shops along Orchard Road. Oh, and please remember that the voltage requirements in Singapore are 220V – we follow a British-style three-pin plug.
6. Ethnic Items
Singapore stocks many ethnic items worth purchasing. You can go to Chinatown to buy these. Some interesting item I’ve come across include Buddha statues and glow-in-the-dark Merlion soap dispensers. Strange, but yes, many tourists go out of their way to buy the odd curio or two from the island to take home.
7. Fashion
Those interested in fashion items, listen up. The best places to shop for high-street fashion is Takashimaya and Paragon on Orchard Road. You’ll find many rich folk (particular Japanese and Indonesians) shopping in boutiques there. For the more youthful and street-oriented look, try Bugis Junction. Here, you can find hip and young clothing very easily.
8. Fabrics
Talking about fashion, we might as well touch on fabrics. Without a doubt, the best places to obtain fabrics in Singapore (particular fabrics for Indian saris) include Arab Street and Little India. You can also find some batik there (exotic Malay fabrics).
9. Food
Well, food is not really a ‘shopping item’. But food is such a major part of Singaporean life that I had to mention it. One absolutely great place to shop for gourmet food is Jason’s Marketplace in the basement of Raffles City. You can get there by MRT and stopping at the City Hall station. Another great place for food is definitely Takashimaya’s basement.
10. Music
Ah, who can forget music. Music is very well rooted in Singaporean culture and the best place to buy music CDs has got to be the HMV store in the Heeren. Situated along Orchard Road, it is Singapore’s largest music shop and certainly one of my favorite leisure haunts.
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Vicheth Heng
October 9, 2014

I really like this list and would like to visit Singapore some time soon.

July 2, 2015

Good guide on things to buy in Singapore. This was very helpful.