Top attractions not to be missed in Rome

May 26, 2014 Italy

Rome the capital of Italy has ancient history that spans at least two thousand years ago and is among the most visited cities in the world. Rome is popular for its ambience and charm couples with its wonderful climatic condition the city makes itself the bet holiday destination throughout the year. Rome cannot be described by a few words because of its rich diversity and places to visit, it has exquisite views, rich history, monuments, it is vast and rich in art as well as preserved its charm throughout the centuries.

Rome attractions

There is much to see and even do in the Italian capital most of the best things to do in Rome include visits to the historical sites, which are mainly walking, distances from each other. Once the Roman Empire was set up several decades ago, the Rome culture has shaped the face of law, warfare, architecture, art, language, and literature in most parts of the world today. Most historians view Rome as a cradle to western civilization. Some of the best things to do in Rome is to visit the following place.

Attraction 1: Roman forum was the main square of the city populated by poets, merchants, prostitutes, senators among others. The area still has ruins and reconstruction of government buildings and temples has taken place. It is one of the oldest roman architectural designs.

Attraction 2: Colosseum; this is the most famous building of the Roman Empire; the building accommodated more than fifty five thousand spectators and was home to many games featuring wild animals and gladiators.

Attraction 3: Palatine hill; this is the centermost of the seven hills in Rome , Italy and it forms one of the ancient parts of the city standing forty meters tall above the Forum Romanum , looking down on the side and Circus Maximus on the other side.

Attraction 4: Spanish steps; also popularly known as Scalinata Della Trinita dei Monti, it is a set of a hundred and thirty eight stone steps leading to Piazza di Spagna and at the center of Rome. There are many ancient churches and monuments around the steps and is one of the attractive features of the Italian city.

Attraction 5: The Trevi Fountain; Piazza Fontana di Trevi offers an exquisite sightseeing location with marvelous Trevi fountain attracting more people than expected. The piazza has enormous fountain and is one of the tourist hub in Rome. The fountain is stuck into one part of the palazzo Poli and has the central Neptune figue. The various figures surrounding the Neptune represent the contrast between tranquil and stormy seas making it an unforgettable experience. During the night, the place is expeditious and many people love when illuminated by light creating an exquisite spectacle.

Attraction 6: Monument to Victor Emmanuel II; this is the most iconic monument in Italy it employs pillars in its design and is dedicated to the memory of the first Italian king Victor Emmanuel II. The monument stands out from the rest due its unique pillars and the marbles used in the making. It has been under a lot of controversy because the designer Giuseppe Sacconi destroyed other buildings in the area to build the monument.

Attraction 7: Pantheon : pantheon is one of the most inspiring architectural designs in the world, built as temple to Gods it is perfectly proportioned floating domes rests in a seductive manner on the sturdy marble columns.

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June 1, 2014

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-st mary major
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