A Trip to Victoria Falls

June 27, 2014

I had heard of how amazing the Victoria Falls is and had even seen the pictures of the tantalizing tourist magnet in Zambia. The stories and the photos gave me an idea of how Victoria Falls was like but the experience I had while visiting the site was completely astonishing and was nothing close to […]

The Serengeti Wildebeest Migration Experience

June 19, 2014

I have always wanted to visit the vast plains of East Africa and experience the greatest wildlife scenery and of course the famous wonder of the world, the wilde beest migration. I planned to cover the expansive Serengeti plains and the champagne-colored Kenyan hills where over 1.4 million wildebeest, over 200,000 zebras and gazelles migrate […]

East Africa: Spectacular Tourists destinations

June 14, 2014

Every year millions of tourists from all over the world troop to Africa for safari. East Africa is home to the big five and sandy beaches thatremain a magnet to tourists. We take a look at places you should visit while planning your vacation in East Africa. Crater Lodge Ngorongo Crater also referred to as […]

Holiday Activities in North Cyprus

June 12, 2014

Family Attractions There is so much for families to see and do in North Cyprus that you are sure to find something to suit everyone; whether it be enjoying sun swept beaches, watersports, horse riding, parasailing, exploring castles and ancient ruined cities, awesome aqua parks or sampling delicious local dishes. The only problem is whether […]

Visiting Taipei

June 6, 2014

Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan and the economic, cultural and political center. It is considered as a modern metropolis with a diversified face full of exuberance. Taipei was the home to the largest building in the world from 2004-2010, the Taipei 101 and it has the largest collections of Chinese art. It is […]

Beijing, a City Worth Your Visit

June 2, 2014

If you were asked the beautiful city in the world that you have visited, what would you say? Would you say of a city far at the West? What of South or North? Well, many could choose depending on what they have heard from their friends or from what they read in journals that are […]

Explore & Enjoy – Not to Miss Tourist Destinations on Lagos Holiday

Lagos is rightly known as the New York of Africa. Albeit the smallest state in Nigeria, it is one of the swiftest growing cities in the world and is anticipated to evolve as Africa’s largest conurbation by the year 2015. As Nigeria’s economic and social capital, the state is becoming highly relevant on the world […]

Colorado Stunning Beauty

May 29, 2014

Colorado is arguably one of USA most beautiful State thanks to its stunning mountains, wildfire and the famed hot springs. This State continues to attract both domestic and international tourists in their thousands every year. Here are some of the features that make this state stand out. Hot Springs Colorado has an abundance of natural […]

Garden Of The Gods: Perfect Day Trip

May 27, 2014

Garden Of The Gods in Colorado Springs, CO is one of my all time favorite hiking destinations. The public park is a national landmark. It is perfect for a day trip and offers plenty of trails for hiking, rock climbing, guided walks, biking, picnics, and even horseback riding. They offer educational activities and videos as […]

Top attractions not to be missed in Rome

May 26, 2014

Rome the capital of Italy has ancient history that spans at least two thousand years ago and is among the most visited cities in the world. Rome is popular for its ambience and charm couples with its wonderful climatic condition the city makes itself the bet holiday destination throughout the year. Rome cannot be described […]

Why you have to visit Valencia

May 10, 2014

Why you have to visit Valencia. It’s that time of year again, when you can do a long travel, It´s vacation time!!!! Spain is a top destination because you have enough days to visit the country (one of the biggest countries of Europe). Most of the travellers enjoy the culture &  the way of life […]

Touring Paris

April 22, 2014

If many of us where asked, we would all have jobs that require us to travel all over the world. Most people look forward to holidays as it allows them and maybe their families to get away and enjoy the different tour destinations in the world. There are many destinations some of which are famous […]

Dubai the Wonderful City

April 18, 2014

If you ever pondered about the innovativeness of the human personality and what gems it can transform, you have to look no more distant than Dubai. The city is home to the most grand engineering landmarks that the world has ever seen. Right from Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab to the fabulous Dubai wellsprings, […]

Virginia Museums – The Mariners Museum and Monitor Center

April 13, 2014

I’m going to take you on a brief tour of the Mariners’ Museum, starting with actually getting to the place, and then through all the galleries, and ending with the Library – which contains the largest collection of maritime books and records in the United States, and is ideal for the maritime researcher. How Much […]

Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast: A One-Week Itinerary

April 8, 2014

Planning a trip to Croatia? Now is a great time to pack your bags and head to this marvelous country of “red-roofed towns,” historical palaces, gorgeous beaches, lively clubs, and taste-bud tingling restaurants. Contributing writer Michelle Finkelstein says May – September provide sunny days, tepid, swim-friendly waters, and smaller crowds — perfect conditions for an […]

Breakfast – Continental, English, What’s The Difference

Breakfast is considered by many food experts to be a most important meal of the day. It should be well-designed to provide you with nutrients so that your body and brain have all what they need to function at their best. This is also very important during your vacations, especially those involving a lot of […]

Whitaker Point, Arkansas

Today’s travel photo of the day comes to us from Whitaker Point, a gorgeous spot within Arkansas’ Buffalo River National Park, where Realtravelers Kyle & Dan went hiking this month. From the seemingly-suspended boulder, they got to stare out at an incredible, vast view of the surrounding land. Here is an excerpt from their blog: […]

Top 10 Items To Buy In Singapore

Have you arrived in Singapore and are craving to go do some shopping? Well help and guidance is here! In Singapore, shopping is upheld as a national pastime. You will find a lot of shopping malls, coupled with nice discounts, low taxes and tariffs, as well as a huge variety of goods. Most stores in […]

Languages Spoken in Puerto Rico

Spanish is the main language spoken in Puerto Rico follow by English. In Puerto Rico 90% of the population speak Spanish all the time unless they don’t have any other choice. Every school in Puerto Rico teach you both languages Spanish and English but they focus more on Spanish and teach you English as the […]

Blackpool Is An Amazing Tourist Destination

December 2, 2012

A fantastic destination to visit in the UK, is Blackpool. Blackpool is a seaside resort in the UK. A lively town, Blackpool appeals to families, stag dos and hen nights. Night-clubs and pubs come alive at night for people to enjoy drinking in. Arcades are plentiful and families bring their children to play on the […]