London as a travel destination

November 29, 2012

London is a great travel destination. This would explain why it is a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. There are a number of great places to visit and things to do while on tour in London. This British city is particularly known for its landmarks. The architecture in London is marvelous. […]

Reasons for Visiting Puerto Rico

November 20, 2012

For visiting Puerto Rico, people must only travel three hours by plane from Miami. Because the islands are part of the United States, you can pay with United States currency when you go shopping in San Juan. The area is a mix of many cultures, such as Indian, Spanish, or African. Puerto Rico can be […]

Get different experience on visiting San Diego

November 17, 2012

Places to visit in San Diego: San Diego is the most visited place in California. People come for the sand, climate and lot of attractions which San Diego has to offer. Whether you are thinking to a nice, peaceful vacation to take the mind off work, this southern city contains certain thing to provide. There […]

Great Single Destinations

November 12, 2012

Single destination reviews show that many destinations offer packages for this group while providing the amenities of any other group. This makes it possible for any single individual to take a trip and enjoy themselves. Single destinations are available in many packages depending on the taste of the individual. There are some destinations that will […]

Top 5 Destinations in the World by National Geographic 2012

November 10, 2012

The purpose of this article is to review the top 5 travel destinations in the world. The destinations are ranked by National Geographic 2012. The destinations range from Iceland to Virunga volcanoes. Let’s have a look to these woderful places. Iceland Iceland is located on primeval landscape, Snaefellness Peninsula in North Atlantic Island. Iceland is […]

Discovering the Grand Canyon

November 5, 2012

I love travelling and exploring sites that nature has to offer. Whenever I have to travel, I get a feeling of mixed emotions that are just unexplainable, only a nature fanatic or a person who loves to travel like me can explain this feeling of happiness, joy and … I am lost for words. What […]

Enjoy your Florida holidays

November 4, 2012

Most of the people like to have family holidays and when it comes always think about Florida. You may have doubt what creates Florida the most favorite family holiday location. This location is right choice for many families because it has plenty of attractions for the entire family. The Florida attractions that make family to […]

Top Destinations in Asia

November 2, 2012

Are you looking for the best places to travel this holiday? I really recommend you to visit Asia during your leisure time. There are many exotic cities that you can visit in this region. Here are top destinations that you need to visit when you are visiting Asia. 1. Tokyo, Japan Japan is one of […]

Why visit the Philippines

October 31, 2012

Philippines is famous when it comes to affordable yet relaxing white beach resorts like Boracay and Palawan but many tourists are not aware of this beautiful province called Bohol. Bohol is considered as a first class province located at Central Visayas Region. This province is accessible by plane to Tagbilaran City or to Cebu City […]

Have a peaceful and relaxing feeling in Costa Rica

October 28, 2012

Costa Rica is a little country- separates the Pacific Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. This small country contains certain diverse scenery in the world. Its costs contain marshy swamps as well as sandy beaches, when its inside is spotted with volcanoes, abundant with unusual flora and dense with rain forests. If you are thinking to […]

Vanuatu: the dream island

February 11, 2011

Vanuatu it’s a small island located in South Pacific Ocean. 500 kn north from Australia, Vanuatu has gorgeous nature and beautiful sea to dive and swim. Vanuatu was first inhabited by Melanesian people. Europeans discovered the islands in 1605 with the arrival of a Spanish expedition led by Fernandes de Queirós in Espiritu Santo. In […]

Florence: a living masterpiece

January 23, 2011

Florence it’s the perfect gateway to discover italian Art and deeply understand italian Rinascimento. Visiting this wonderful city you will admire Leonardo’s and Raffaello masterworks in Uffizi Gallery, or pay a visit to amazing churches like Santa Chiara. Florence is the nevralgic center of Tuscany, the italian green refion famous for its food products like […]

Visiting Argentina: a travel in history

Traveling to Argentina means to discover forgotten treasures and amazing realms. Argentina is a huge country full of history and people. Buenos Aires it’s the main city and our travel starts from there. You can admire “Casa Rosada”, Colon Theatre (the opera house), the tango’s schools, Caminito Street Market and much more. But Argentina means […]

Venice – the romantic destination

December 6, 2010

With its charming canals and romantic bridges it’s east to imagine why Venice is considered the most romantic destination in all the whole world. In this really amazing video by Five Travel we can admire a suggestive walkover through the water city. Heading to Piazza San marco the huge Basilica will astonish you leaving you […]

Kenya Safari – a wildlife experience

In this beautiful video by Lonely Planet we can admire Kenya wildlife according to safari travel. The nature is so wild that a guide is strongly suggested in this kind of Safaris. You can have a close encounter with a wild lion, or a leopard, or whatever od dangerous you can imagine! But the experience […]

Barcelona: an unforgettable travel

November 18, 2010

Barcelona is the second city in Spain, after Madrid. It’s the capital of Catalan Region. Catalan people are so friendly that you might have the impression that you are not a visitor but a friend. The architecture of this city is simply breathtaking, there are so many interesting monuments that you will have no time […]

Traveling to Madrid, Spain

An absolutely amazing city: Madrid in Spain. This city is the largest one in Spain, and it’s also the capital of this country. Madrid it’s the most populous town in Europe after London and Paris. You will find many things to see there: museums, crowded avenues, night life (“la movida”), beautiful buildings to visit and […]

Hawaii: the lost paradise

November 17, 2010

There is a very close paradise, its name is Hawaii. Hawaii islands are so beautiful and full of things to see and to do: surfing, beach life, perfect sunsets, snorkeling, pool relaxing, golfing, delicious lunching. These are only few of the things you can find and you can do if you travel to Hawaii…

Mexico revealed

Mexico is the one of the world’s most incredible travel destinations. It has everything, from tropical beach resorts,to rainforest, colonial cities, mountains and deserts. Mexico has spectacular examples of each. It is also a vital center of commerce and a major portal for doing business with the rest of Latin America.

Travel to Petra

Petra is an ancient city in Jordan, built inside the rock. The magnificent view of Petra appears when you escape from a narrow path, the same location used in Indiana Jones: The last crusade movie. The view of the temple is breathtaking, astonishing, amazing… A giant trapped inside the mountain…