Whitaker Point, Arkansas

April 8, 2014 USA

Today’s travel photo of the day comes to us from Whitaker Point, a gorgeous spot within Arkansas’ Buffalo River National Park, where Realtravelers Kyle & Dan went hiking this month. From the seemingly-suspended boulder, they got to stare out at an incredible, vast view of the surrounding land. Here is an excerpt from their blog:
“The trail immediately headed into the thick forest, where the ground was parched from the heat of the summer. Luckily, the trees provided great cover from the hot, strong sunlight that afternoon…. along the route, we saw many squirrels darting across the forest and up trees; we also saw some nasty spiders. The hike to the desired point took around an hour and, as we got closer to the edge of the mountain, we knew that we were approaching the vista area. Finally, Karen pointed out the fact that we had arrived and we walked over to a small rock outcrop that overhung the Buffalo River valley so we could see the infamous Whitaker Point.
The view out across the valley, which was lush and green from all of the earlier summer rains, was spectacular and we were happy to have made it. The only slightly disappointing thing was that we could not see Buffalo River due to the density of the trees in the forest below. After taking in the views and snapping some photographs, we walked a little further so we could actually stand and admire the views from Whitaker Point itself, since that was the main purpose of the hike.

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