Why you have to visit Valencia

May 10, 2014 Spain

Why you have to visit Valencia.

It’s that time of year again, when you can do a long travel, It´s vacation time!!!!

Spain is a top destination because you have enough days to visit the country (one of the biggest countries of Europe). Most of the travellers enjoy the culture &  the way of life of Andalusia, the food & night life of Madrid  and the stunning city of Barcelona, but most of them missed the chance to discover Valencia.

Valencia is one of teh most beautiful cities of Europe and it´s not still crowed of tourist makers.

Your kids are out of school, and both you and your husband have saved vacation time so that you have enough time to discover Spain and Valencia. If you’re having trouble deciding where to go, we suggeest to you discover Andalusia, Toledo, Madrid Segovia and make a stop in valencia before finish your trip in Barcelona.

Valencia is well-known for its booming tourism industry in the last years. Here there are some reasons you’ll want to stop in Valencia this summer on your family vacation in Spain:

1. Holidays under the sun:

Nowhere in Europe offers as much sunlight as Valencia. In Valencia we enjoy 310 days of sun per year.

2. Sandy beaches, gardens and nature reserves.

You can discover the historic landmarks and the nightlife  of  a big city but at the same time you can pick as many as beaches like Malvarrosa Beach or Patacona Beach, or areas where you will be in a forest with a lake in front of the Mediterranean sea (Albufera park).

3. Culture & landmarks.

Valencia owns a big historic area. The city is full of interesting landmarks as teh Cathedral, The Silk Exchange, the Central Market and the Serranos Towers. Madrid or Barcelona don´t have more heritage than Valencia.

4. Gastronomy.

Valencia is the land of rice. The best paella of Spain is cooked in Valencia, both the meat and the fish paella. You will be able to taste different kind of paellas for “all the pockets”.

But Valencia offers more than paella. In Valencia you will enjoy authentic tradicional and gourmet tapas and the tradicional sweets from Valencia area. Maybe, Valencia is one of the best five cities in Spain for enjoy gastronomy.

Start planning things to do in Spain on vacation and don´t forget to visit Valencia. if you want more information, visit the website of Living Valencia.

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